Seaside Tennis Club believe in providing players with the opportunity to reach their maximum tennis potential. Our enthusiastic and experienced coaching team is committed to sharing a love of everything tennis.

Seaside offer a family friendly environment where players want to work hard, improve, and ultimately grow as individuals. We strive for players to enjoy the game, and value perseverance, inclusion, sportsmanship, and hard work.

We offer a complete player pathway guiding them to their highest competitive level including technique and physical and mental skills your tennis player needs to compete at the elite level.

The Seaside tennis squads are designed to be included in every ambitious tennis players schedule. These squads are intended to be in addition your child’s one on one coaching to maximise their potential.

Seaside development and advanced squads are run during the SA school term. The squads are broken down into three squad types.

Development Squad – 90 min sessions
The Seaside development squads are a fun progression from the red/orange and green ball programs. The development squads deliver solid building blocks of improvement (footwork, shape and weight of shot, transition, serve, return & fitness) to ensure an accelerated rate of development. We focus on friendship and fun and begin tennis patterns of play (back hands, forehand, cross court etc).

Advanced Squad – 90 min sessions
At this stage in our development pathway the focus for our junior players is match strategy, tactics, fitness, preparation and recovery for match and tournament play. This program is most suitable for players training and competing at an advanced level on a regular basis. We work with your tennis player in a practical way on mental strength and strategy behind tennis for match play and tournament preparation.

Movement & Fitness Squad - 60 min sessions
An increase demand for explosive power on the tennis court, more focus is now being put on overall leg strength. We have put together fun fitness class with tennis base movement patterns without racquet. Quoting a legend John McEnroe “You can’t get fit simply by playing tennis matches.” In our fitness and movement squad, our focus is leg strength.

All of the Seaside squads are currently held weekly during the school term and have flexible payment options:




Development Squad 90mins

Combined Development & Advanced Squads 90mins

Combined Development & Advanced Squads 90mins

Advanced Squad 90mins

Movement/Fitness Squad 60mins

Advanced Squad 90mins

How do I get Involved?

Access to our squads are available to Seaside Players. However, if you are keen to see what we have to offer, we can arrange for your child to have an on-court assessment to establish their current ability level physically, technically, and tactically.

If you would like to enquire further about these squads please call Joel 0422 22 79 76 or email joelkerley@hotmail.com

Holiday Squads – From time to time we run development squads for a range of players including. Keep an eye out on our social media pages for more information.

We look forward to being a part of your tennis players journey.