Senior Selection & Grading


The aim of this policy is to ensure all senior members of the Seaside Tennis Club are placed in a team appropriate for their ability in order to maximise the player’s enjoyment and club results whilst providing an opportunity to develop as a player.


 The objectives of this policy are to:

  • ensure each player is placed in a team appropriate for their ability,
  • ensure the team is selected to provide the best results for the club,
  • ensure the team is graded at an appropriate level within the association, and
  • provide a mechanism to resolve disputes over team selection.

Senior Selection Committee

The Senior Selection Committee is made up of members from the Seaside Tennis Club committee and will generally consist of the Club Captain, Club Development Officer, Club coaches, and other members of the committee. The Senior Selection Committee will be selected prior to the commencement of the season and committee members names will be recorded in the minutes of a Seaside Tennis Club committee meeting.

The Senior Selection Committee will be responsible for the initial team selections, player team changes (due to playing performance), finals team selections and appeal resolution. The minimum quorum for the Senior Selection Committee decision making process is the Club Captain and two other members of the committee. On the occasion that the Senior Selection Committee cannot come to a consensus, the Club Captain will have the final decision.

Initial Team Selection

At the start of the season the Senior Selection Committee will meet to select the senior teams. Each player will be ranked within the club. The player’s ranking will be based on the previous grade played (either within the current association or from another association), previous results within that grade, tournament results, attitude, behavior and comments from the Club Development Officer and Club coaches.

They will then be placed within a team while taking into consideration individual player requests. The players will also be placed at a playing position within this team. Generally, five players will be selected per team to allow for sickness, illness or absence throughout the season.

Player team requests
Players may request to play within certain teams based on friendship groups, family, transport or other reasons. The Senior Selection Committee will consider all requests and attempt to facilitate these, but granting the request may not always be possible due to the available player selection pool.

Team Grading

The Club Captain will attend the association grading meeting prior to the start of the season to ensure each team is placed within a grade commensurate with their ability.
Team selection throughout the season.

Once the season has started the Club Captain will be responsible for determining the player position within the team each week. All attempts will be made to have the teams finalised by the Wednesday afternoon prior to the next match.

Player rotation
Each team will decide whether to play all players or roster a player off each week.

Player position
The Club Captain will select the player position within the team based on the previous weeks' results and may move the players within the team in accordance with the association rules. As a general guide, if the higher player has lost two consecutive matches and the player immediately below has won two consecutive matches then the players will change position. The players do not wish to be moved in position then both parties must agree and the Club Captain notified. If the players wish to change positions within the team, which differ from the selected player position, then all affected players must be in agreement and a request must be sent to the Club Captain seeking approval to make the change. The request must be received no later than 24 hours prior to the start of the match.

Player team movement
During the course of the season, the Club Captain may determine that the movement of certain players between teams is warranted. This will be drawn to the attention of the Senior Selection Committee and after discussions with each affected player and consideration of the player’s past results, the committee will make the decision about the movement of the players between teams. This does not apply if a player is moved between teams in order to act as a fill-in for that team.

Fill in players
If a team is short of players for a match it is the responsibility of the Club Captain to find a fill-in for that team. As a general rule, the rostered off player will be scheduled to play. If the rostered off player is not available then the fill in will be drawn from the team graded either below or above the effected team. A fill-in can also be drawn in from outside the current playing group if necessary to fill a team.

Team selection for finals

The Senior Selection Committee will be responsible for the finals team selection and player position within the teams. Statistics recorded for each player throughout the season will be used to assist in the team selection and player position. All team players will participate in each final match.

Variations to the above can be made if a case is presented to the Senior Selection Committee and all players are in agreement as to the variation.

Appeal process

Each player has the right to appeal to the Senior Selection Committee if they feel that they have been placed in the incorrect team, placed in the incorrect position within the team or have another grievance which they wish to have heard.

The player must complete the appeal form located at annex A and submit it to the Club Captain. The Senior Selection Committee (and if required, the Club President) will address the appeal and will attempt to have a decision within 2 weeks of receiving the appeal form. The player (or player’s representative such as a parent or guardian) will have the opportunity to address the committee during the review of the appeal. The final decision will rest with the Senior Selection Committee or the Club President.


This policy is intended to be used as guidance for team selection but not all scenarios can be captured within this document. The Senior Selection Committee will be used to resolve all unusual circumstances that arise throughout the season. The aim of the policy is to ensure the players get placed within an appropriate team to allow them to enjoy their tennis while continuing to progress with development.

Seaside Club President


Annexure A - Application for Appeal

Before submitting this form, please read the following carefully:

  1. Seaside Tennis Club appoints a Senior Selection Committee who select the teams using the Senior Selection and Grading Policy guidelines to make the selections. The Club has the confidence these selectors will honestly and fairly assess the players and place them in teams accordingly.
  2. This appeal will be heard by the Senior Selection Committee, and if required the Club President. A decision on the appeal will attempt to be made within two weeks of receiving the appeal application.
  3. The applicant has the right to appear in person, or have a representative on their behalf appear before the Senior Selection Committee in order to outline the details of the appeal.
  4. This application formalises the appeal. A response will be provided in writing to the applicant once a decision has been made.
  5. Once a decision has been made on this appeal issue no further correspondence will be entered into on this matter.

Name of player appealing the selection:
Team selected for 20__/__ Season:
Comments in support of appeal: