Seaside Tennis Club Inc.


1. The name of the Club is the “SEASIDE TENNIS CLUB INC.” (hereinafter called “the Association”).


2. The objects of the Association shall be:

a. To promote and foster sporting activities, social intercourse and well being among the players of the sport of tennis.

b. To provide social amenities and facilities for the members of the Association and provide accommodation for them in such premises as the Association may from time to time occupy.

c. To do all things which the Association or the Committee of Management thereof may think necessary to promote the recreation accommodation and convenience of its members.

d. To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.


3. The Association shall have the following powers:

a. To purchase, take on lease, in exchange or otherwise, any lands, buildings, easements or property real or personal, which may be required for the purposes of or conveniently used in connection with any objects of the Association and to sell, demise, mortgage, give in exchange or dispose of the same, or any part or parts thereof from time to time and to grant easements in, through, over or upon any land and to acquire easements or rights over any other land.

b. To borrow or raise money with or without giving security and particularly by the issue of or upon bonds, debentures (redeemable on dates to be determined by yearly ballot or otherwise at the discretion of the Committee of the Association), bills of exchange, promissory notes or other obligations or securities of the Association or by mortgage or charge upon all or any part of the property of the Association.

c. To support and subscribe to any charitable, sporting or community body.

d. To effect or keep on foot any policy of insurance.

e. To alter the constitution and rules for the time being of the Association subject to and in the manner provided herein.

f. To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the exercise of the above powers.

Eligibility for Membership

4. Any person who has an interest in or connection with the objects of the Association shall be eligible for membership of the Association.

Alteration to Constitution

5. The clauses of this constitution shall not be altered except at a Special General Meeting of the Association called for the purpose at which at least twenty members of the Association shall be present and no motion for such alteration shall be carried or deemed to be carried unless supported by three-quarters of those present and voting.  Notice of any such motion and meeting shall be posted in some prominent place in the Association premises or given to each member of the Association at least twenty-one days to the meeting.


6. The Association shall be managed in accordance with the Rules annexed to this constitution.


7. The seal of the Association shall be under the control of the Committee and shall not be affixed except in the presence of the Secretary or some other person appointed by the Committee and a committee member who shall countersign the document.


1. Management

a. The Officers of the Association shall be a

Club Captain
Club Vice Captain
Club Match Captain
Club Match Vice Captain
Junior Boys Supervisor
Junior Girls Supervisor

all of whom are to be elected by the general body of members at the Annual General Meeting to be held in accordance with the provisions of Rule 5a hereunder subject to Rule 1b hereunder.

b. The business and general affairs of the Association shall be under the management of the Committee consisting of the Officers of the Association and a minimum of four (4) and maximum of eight (8) additional ordinary members of the Committee all of whom shall be elected by the general body of members at the Annual General Meeting as specified in the immediately preceding sub-rule.

c. In order to constitute a quorum to enable a Committee meeting to be held, there shall be at least seven (7) members of the Committee present.

d. The President of the Association shall be the Chairman of the Committee and shall act as Chairman of all general meetings of the Association. In his absence, any member of the Committee may act as Chairman of the meeting provided that he is appointed so to act by a majority vote of the Committee or members present at such committee or general meeting as the case may be.  The Chairman for the time being of any meeting whether a Committee or general meeting shall have a casting vote as well as a deliberative vote.

e. The Committee shall meet once each eight weeks or more often if they deem it necessary and minutes of all resolutions and proceedings of such Committee shall be entered in a book to be kept for that purpose.

f. The Committee may from time to time appoint such sub-committees as it deems necessary or expedient and may depute or refer to them such of the powers and duties of the Committee as a Committee may determine.  Such sub-committees shall conduct their business in accordance with and be bound by the directions of the Committee.

g. The Committee and in particular the Secretary and Treasurer shall receive the contributions of members and other amounts of money due to the Association, keep a correct account of income and expenditure and pay all amounts of money received into a bank account in the Association’s name.

h. All payments made by or on account of the Association shall be by order of the Committee by cheques signed by any two of the President, Secretary, or the Treasurer.

i. The Committee and in particular the Secretary and Treasurer shall keep correct accounts and books showing the financial affairs of the Association and shall submit a statement of the financial affairs of the Association to the Annual General Meeting. A copy of the Annual report and Statement of Account shall be posted to each member at least fourteen days before the date of the Annual Meeting such statement having been examined and certified correct by the auditor of the Association.

j. A Manager shall be appointed as a servant of the Association by the Committee and may if invited so to do by the Committee take part in any discussions of the Committee.

2. Election of Committee and Office Bearers

a. Vacancies in the elective offices of the Association shall be filled at the next General Meeting following the occurrence of such vacancy.

b. Each candidate for election shall be nominated in writing signed by the proposer and seconder who shall both be financial members of the Association and endorsed with the consent of the candidate and duly signed by him.

c. The nominations shall specify the office for which the candidate is nominated.

d. All nominations shall be lodged with the Secretary not less than fourteen days before the Annual General Meeting and a list of the candidates for election shall be posted to each member at least seven days before the day of the Annual General Meeting. Should no nominations be received the Chairman of the Annual General Meeting shall call for oral nominations for such vacancies.

e. If no more persons are nominated for any office than there are vacancies the Chairman of the Annual General Meeting shall declare such persons duly elected.

f. If more candidates are nominated than there are vacancies, then such election shall be by ballot.  Such ballot shall be subject to the direction of the President or Chairman of the Annual General Meeting so far as these Rules do not provide and any decision made either by the President or Chairman of the Annual General Meeting relating to the ballot of the conduct thereof including the interpretation of these Rules shall be final and conclusive.  A Returning Officer shall be appointed by the Committee prior to the opening of the meeting.  He shall conduct the ballot and certify to the Chairman the names of the persons elected.  The ballot shall be held on the same day as the meeting, but the Committee shall decide what hour the ballot shall commence.  The required number of candidates receiving the greatest number of votes shall be elected.

g. Notwithstanding anything herein contained all officers of the Association shall be deemed to continue in office until their successors shall have been duly elected under these Rules.

3. Vacancies

a. The elective officers of the Association which fall vacant pursuant to the provisions of Rule 1b hereof shall become vacant immediately prior to each Annual General Meeting.

b. All officeholders of the Association retiring in accordance with Rule 1b hereof shall be eligible for re-election.

4. Auditor

There shall be one or more auditors (not members of the Committee) who shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.  Such auditor or auditors shall audit the accounts, and have the power to call for the production of all books, papers, accounts and documents relating to the affairs of the Association.  The Committee shall have the power to fill any temporary vacancy in the office of auditor.  At the Annual General Meeting in each year the audited accounts of the said Association for the past year shall be submitted to the meeting.

5. General Meeting

a. The Annual General Meeting of the Association in respect of each year shall be held after the first day of April and before the fifteenth day of September of any one year.  Preliminary notice of such meeting shall be sent to members at least twenty-one (21) days before the date of such meeting and in addition, the Secretary shall twenty-one (21) days before such meeting post a notice of the meeting on the notice board of the Association’s premises.

b. At the Annual General Meeting, the committee shall present a report and the audited statement and account for the past financial year, the election of officers for the current year shall take place and such other business as shall be specified in the Notice calling the meeting shall be transacted.
c. A Special General Meeting of members may be called at any time by the Committee upon its own motion or upon a written request signed by twelve financial members of the Association which written request must specify the matter to be discussed and the motion or motions to be submitted.  Twenty-one (21) days notice in writing of such meeting and of the business to be brought before it shall be given to the members.

d. No member can vote at any meeting unless he is a full paying member and his subscription and all amounts of money due by him to the Association have been paid.

e. The Committee shall be empowered if they think fit to make regulations for enabling members unable to be present, to vote at any meeting in writing.

6. Members

a. There may be various classes of membership of the Association.

b. The Committee shall be empowered if they think fit to determine classes of membership and to make regulations for determining eligibility criteria for the various classes of membership over and above that prescribed in clause 4 of the Constitution.

c. Every candidate for membership shall be nominated by two members on the form provided.  A candidate must be known personally to both the proposer and the seconder.  The Secretary shall post up a display in a conspicuous place in the Association premises and keep posted up an displayed the names and addresses of all persons nominated for at least fourteen (14) days prior to the election.  The election shall be by ballot of the members of the Committee.  If a candidate receives as an excess of twenty-five (25%) percent adverse votes in any such ballot, he shall not be elected.  On the election of each candidate, the Secretary shall notify the same to him and furnish him with a printed copy of the Constitution and Rules.

d. Members of the Association shall be members who shall attain eligibility to apply for membership in the manner, prescribed in clause 4 of the Constitution.

7. Entrance Fees & Subscriptions

a. The annual subscription of members shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting and shall be in respect of the period commencing the first day of October after the Annual General Meeting and concluding on the thirtieth day of September of the subsequent year.

b. All subscriptions shall be due and payable in advance by each member on the 1st day of October in each year, but members elected after the 1st day of April in each year shall pay half the amount of the subscription for that year.  Any member intending to withdraw from the Association shall signify his intention to do so in writing to the Secretary on or before the 1st day of October or shall remain liable for the subscription for the ensuing year.

c. Any member failing to pay his subscription before the last day of December of the current year shall at the discretion of the Committee have his name posted in the Association’s premises.  If such subscription is not paid by the 31st day of January in that year, his name at the discretion of the Committee shall be erased from the list of membership and he shall thereupon cease to be a member of the Association but shall be still liable for all amounts owing by him.

d. The Committee may at any time vary the amount of an annual subscription either by increasing or decreasing the same provided that the Committee may not reduce the amount of the annual subscription below the sum of TWO DOLLARS ($2.00) per annum.

e. The Committee may in addition to any subscriptions make calls on any members not exceeding an amount authorised by a General Meeting.

f. Notwithstanding anything contained in these Rules at a meeting of the Committee for which at least five-sevenths of the Committee for the time being vote in the affirmative, the Committee by vote may refuse to accept any further annual subscription of any member and his membership shall immediately on the termination of the year for which his then subscription has been paid, ipso facto, cease and determine and no right of action or any claim shall accrue to such member for or by reason of such refusal as aforesaid.

g. At no time shall the number of full members (excluding Junior members) of the Association exceed five hundred and fifty (550).

8. Expulsion

The Committee shall have the power to remove the name of any member from the list of persons whose presence in the Association they consider detrimental to its interest.  Such member shall forthwith cease to be a member of the Association but his subscription for the current year shall be returned to him.

9. Alteration to Rules

A motion for the alteration of any of the Rules of the Association shall only be made at a General Meeting at which at least twenty (20) members shall be present and no such motion shall be deemed to be carried unless supported by at least two-thirds of those voting.  Any such motion shall be posted in a prominent place in the Association’s premises at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the meeting.

10. Address of Members

Members shall from time to time communicate their addresses to the Secretary and all notices posted to them at their last known address shall be considered as duly received.

11. Complaints

All complaints shall be made in writing to the Secretary.

12. Income and Property

The income and property of the Association whencesoever derived shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects and the exercise of the powers of the Association as respectively set out in the Constitution; and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly, by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise howsoever by way of profit to the members PROVIDED THAT nothing herein shall prevent the payment in good faith of reasonable and proper remuneration to any officer or servant of the Association or to any member in return for any services actually rendered to the Association nor prevent the payment of interest at a rate not exceeding interest at the rate for the time being charged by Bankers in South Australia for overdrawn accounts on money lent, or reasonable and proper rent for premises demised or let by any members BUT SO THAT no member of the Committee shall be appointed to any salaried office of the Association or any office of the Association paid by fees, and that no remuneration in money or money’s worth shall be given by the Association to any member of the Committee except repayment of our-of-pocket expenses and interest at the rate aforesaid on moneys lent or reasonable and proper rent on premises demised or let to the Association.

13. Winding Up

If upon the winding up or dissolution of the Association there remains after satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever the same shall not be paid to or distributed amongst the members, but shall be given or transferred to some other institution or institutions having objects similar to that of the Association and which shall prohibit the distribution of its or their property amongst its or their members to an extent at least as great as that imposed by clause 12 of these Rules.

14. Liquor Licensing Act Provisions

a. In the event that the Association applies to be licensed as a Club in respect of premises occupied by the Association pursuant to the provisions of the Liquor Licensing Act, 1985 as amended, or any other Act in substitution therefor the Rules of the Association shall be deemed to include all such Rules as may be required by the said Act to extend and apply to the Association during the currency of any such permit or licence.

b. Without binding the generality of Rule 14 (a) hereof the following shall be Rules of the Association:

i. The Association premises shall be provided and maintained from the joint funds of the Association and no person is entitled to derive any profit, benefit or advantage from the Association which is not shared equally by other members.

ii. No payment or part payment of any Secretary or other officer or servant of the Association shall be made by way of commission or allowance from or upon the receipts of the Association for liquor supplied.

iii. A Register of members of the Association, for the time being, shall be kept on the Association’s premises as hereinafter required.

iv. The books of account, minute books and other records of the Association and of all Committees thereof, the Register of Members and all other books relating to the transactions, business, rules and management of the Association shall be written in the English Language.

v. A record shall be kept by the Secretary of the Association of the number of members of the Committee voting upon every election of members.

vi. The minimum subscription for which any class of members shall be liable shall be $2.00 per annum annually in advance.

vii. Correct accounts and books shall be kept showing the financial affairs of the Association and the particulars usually shown in the books of account of a like nature.

viii. A Visitors’ Book shall be kept in the Association premises.

ix. No visitor shall be supplied with liquor in the Association premises unless in the company and at the expense of a member who has entered the name of the visitor in the Visitors’ Book and signed his name opposite the name of the Visitor.

x. No member shall introduce or entertain more than five visitors at any one time.

xi. No liquor shall be sold or supplied to any person under the age of 18 years.

xii. No person shall be allowed to become a temporary member of the Association or be relieved of the payment of the regular subscription as hereinbefore provided.

xiii. No person under eighteen years of age, except boys who are being trained as waiters or messengers and are not allowed to serve behind the bar, shall be employed in the premises of the Association.

xiv. No liquor shall be carried away from or sold or supplied for consumption otherwise than in the licensed portion of the Association’s premises.

xv.  No liquor shall be unlawfully sold or supplied to the public.


61 Cudmore Terrace,
Henley Beach, South Australia,  5022

P: 08 8235 1410