Senior Information 2018/2019 Summer Season

Senior Information 2018/2019 Summer Season

The summer season is fast approaching and nomination are now open for senior teams. The senior season starts on the 13th Oct. This season the Western Districts Tennis Association (WDTA) has combined with the Glenelg Districts Tennis Association (GDTA). This is to improve the competition, provide more divisions and different formats. The furthest club in the GDTA is Seacliff. 

Team nominations are due by the 31st Aug 18. (Metro league team nominations were due 19th Aug)

Senior nominations can be emailed to

Alternatively, the registration form can be filled in and left in the box on the bar in the club rooms.

Once you have nominated you will receive more information on the membership process.

For more information on Senior Tennis Click below on the 'Senior Competition Information Sheet'


168 Cudmore Terrace,

Henley Beach, South Australia,  5022