Junior Information 2018/2019 Summer Season

Junior Information 2018/2019 Summer Season

Welcome to the 2018-19 summer tennis season. The WDTA junior season starts on the 19th and 20th of Oct 18. Junior State League starts on the 12th Oct 18.

Playing times
Premier League and A1 will be playing on Friday nights commencing at 17:30 (although you will have until 18:00 to start the match due to some teams having to travel a bit further). Boys division 1, 2 and 3 and Girls division 1 and 2 will be starting at 08:15 on Saturday morning. All other grades will be starting at 10:15 on Saturday morning. All players are required to be at the designated court 15 min before starting time.
Junior State League will commence at 18:30.

Team Selections
Each week we will be sending out an email with the teams for the following match, which includes times and locations for the match. If you are unavailable to play a certain week please let Margaret or myself know as soon as you can so we can find a fill in. For the teams which have 5 or more players, you will be rostered either to play or as a reserve. If you are down as a reserve then you do not need to attend the match but you may be called at short notice to replace a sick or injured player. The reserve allocation will be managed throughout the season to make sure everyone gets the same number of matches. If you have a particular weekend you would like to be rostered as reserve please let one of the Junior Supervisors know. Because of the number of changes we have each week it is not practicable to produce a roster for the entire season.
The club has a Junior Selection Policy which is used as a guideline to make team selections and it also details the appeal process. The Junior Selection Policy is available on the club website.

Team Captain
We will be nominating a team captain for each week (rotating week to week). They will be responsible for making sure the book is filled out and signed after play has finished.
Folder collection and return. The team folder (which contains the score card, player order and any club information) will be available at the club from Thursday night after 1600. Please discuss among you team and decide on a designated person to pick up the folder each week. It is sometimes more convenient for one player to pick up the folder every week (i.e. the player lives close by or has coaching on a Thursday or Friday night). Once this is decided can you please let Margaret or myself know who this person will be. If this person is away or designated the reserve player please organise for someone else to collect the folder. Try to get the folder returned straight after your match. If this is not possible then take a photo of the score card and text it to me so I can enter the scores.

There is no dedicated practice time and most players will have a squad with a coach during the week. The courts are open every night so if you wish you can organise your own practice time with your team mates.

Membership Application
All players are required to register their membership on the Tennis Australia (My Tennis) website. Instructions for registering are contained in a separate document which is available on the website. Membership registration is a requirement and ensures you are covered by the appropriate insurance. It also provides an indication that the player is aware and understands the club policies, rules and conditions.

Link to register for a 'My Tennis' Membership

The fees for the summer season 2018-19 are $170. If you are playing seniors as well then you only need to pay the one fee of $220. If you are in Primary School then you will be eligible for a Sports Voucher (unless you have used it for another sport during the year). The Sports Voucher takes $50 off you membership fees. If you would like to use a Sports Voucher please fill out a Sports Voucher form and return it to the club or email it to adsrichter@hotmail.com. Make sure all the information is filled out.
You can pay your fees to one of the committee members, Jason, Sharon or at the canteen when it is open or by using Electronic Funds Transfer with the following details:

Account Name: Seaside Tennis Club
BSB: 065152
Account number: 10050121

Note: Please annotate name and reason for payment on bank transfer
Make sure you receive a receipt if paying in person or keep a record of your bank transaction number as proof of payment.
If fees are not received before the 1st of Nov then they will be subject to exclusion from playing until the fees are paid.


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